Lydia Lamey

Hello, my name is Lydia Lamey and I am from a small town called Albertville located outside Minneapolis/St. Paul. Currently, I am going to school at Michigan Tech for Geology and Applied Geophysics. I have studied classical piano for the past 10 years, and during which, I studied a variety of composers and styles. Throughout my lessons, I gained a strong background in music theory and performance as well. In highschool, I played the flute in the pit orchestra each year for the musical. In college, I’ve studied with professor Leslie Dukes to continue growing as a musician. In addition to teaching piano lessons, I work with my fellow peers in the school’s writing center as a tutor and I also captain the school’s Concrete Canoe Team. I believe that the most important thing about playing an instrument is enjoying the learning-process. As musicians, we are always improving on our abilities and that’s what I find to be the most exciting.

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